"Ian: We were actually in a bind. We only had two days to find actors because of the way everything happened. We’re friends with both Darren and Jessica. We reached out to Darren to see if he was available a few days in advance and he was like: “Yeah! Totally! I just called Jessica to see if she can do it too!” So, they did us a huge favour!

Chad: We’ve become friendly ever since they did cover “This Is The New Year” on Glee. So, we’ve been friendly with them and keeping in touch with them. He was the first guy that we had in mind when we needed actors for the [video]. They’re amazing!"

A Great Big World on casting Darren Criss and Jessica Szhor for the “Already Home” music video. (x)

"I cannot stand being misunderstood."

Darren Criss on his biggest fear (x)